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26 lipca 2014, 11:41


Evoeryne would benefit from reading this post

26 lipca 2014, 11:57


Thanks for helping me to see things in a diefrefnt light.

27 lipca 2014, 14:07


Help, I've been informed and I can't become ignaornt.

27 lipca 2014, 14:31


As Charlie Sheen says, this article is "W!NINNGI"

29 lipca 2014, 12:41


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31 lipca 2014, 00:29


I was so confused about what to buy, but this makes it untebsdandarle.

31 lipca 2014, 03:32


Thanks for spending time on the computer (wgriint) so others don't have to.

1 sierpnia 2014, 06:16


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9 września 2015, 15:45


This is way more helpful than anyhting else I've looked at.

10 maja 2016, 15:26


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10 maja 2016, 15:54


’m also interested in knowing exactly when and why running around like a porkchop with a flag draped over you became a â€i€naditœorât for Australia DayAnd do you remember when the organisers of The Big Day Out were forced to back down on a proposed ban on wearing the Australian Flag ?Cronulla wasn’t helped by the likes of Alan Jones and his redneck talkback cohorts either, and the Daily Terrorgraph.Can you imagine the outcry if Muslim males decided to wear their flag as a symbol of nationalism ? Can anyone say pots and kettles ?

10 maja 2016, 16:18


Thanks alot - your answer solved all my problems after several days stirgglung

10 maja 2016, 16:28


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10 maja 2016, 16:29


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10 maja 2016, 16:30


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10 maja 2016, 16:33


I told u last Sadartuy I would barley answer my phone because my dad was in town and I would not have it most of the time. Or it would just be off mostly.

10 maja 2016, 16:42


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10 maja 2016, 16:44


I correct myself… .1.part, .2.part ecc…It all works using Comgenie's Awesome Fig0#analer&m823e;But rather because he does not see files from Multimania join?

10 maja 2016, 16:44


Can’t believe I paid a hack teacher to confuse me when you taught me in a concise and in depth way for free. Youtube usually sucks for this kind of stuff. Gracias Amigo. Yo;7&821#ure a gifted musican and teacher!!

10 maja 2016, 16:44


Can’t believe I paid a hack teacher to confuse me when you taught me in a concise and in depth way for free. Youtube usually sucks for this kind of stuff. Gracias Amigo. Yo;7&821#ure a gifted musican and teacher!!

10 maja 2016, 16:55


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10 maja 2016, 17:01


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10 maja 2016, 17:03


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10 maja 2016, 17:28


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10 maja 2016, 17:30


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11 maja 2016, 12:29


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11 maja 2016, 12:29


Rodrigo Rauta disse:Vem cá. quem fez a comparacão? A Saab neh…e quem fabrica o GRipen? Ih, olha que coincidencia…é a Saab tb!!!Pelo amor de Deus..fala serio neh…vcs acham que a Saab ia falar oq? Que Avião dela perde pra todo mundo? Logico que independente do resultado da simulação dela,sempre o Gripen ia vencer,assim como nas simulaçoes da Sukhoi quem sempre vence é o Su-35!!No simulador Rauta, eu com um Swordfish sempre ganho de uma Caça Asa “x” o Sr.Skywalker na cabine e tur8d#o230;Ab&aços!!!

11 maja 2016, 12:29


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11 maja 2016, 12:29


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14 maja 2016, 02:39


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